A Letter to my First Car

If you’ve ever witnessed my driving you would know that I am an absolutely terrible driver. Like the worst. But it’s okay because I’m slowly improving after four years of being on the roads and minimal damage. You also might know I’m VERY emotionally attached to my car because it has been through so much life with me. On July 30th 2014 our journey began and exactly four years later on July 30th 2018 I found out I had to get rid of her. Saddest day ever but looking forward to growing up and getting a real person car now that I don’t completely suck at driving. This letter is a tribute to my beloved first car and all our experiences. {RIP Callie July 2014- July 2018}


To my perfect first car,

            We started out so great that first day I got my permit, then got pulled over no more than an hour later. As I continued to learn how to drive you, we had a bit of a rocky start, as we went through seven different driving instructors together and many tears… from the instructors. On your 6 month birthday I took my road test and passed with a 100% that day it was confirmed that God truly does do miracles. From there we explored the high school parking lot and parked in faculty parking from day one without ever getting in trouble. You were a true blessing.

            In high school you took me to prom, graduation, summer camp/retreats that have changed my faith forever, and many other substantial life events. In you I’ve had some of the deepest, hardest talks of my life, in you I’ve had the biggest belly laughs a girl could only wish to experience, and in you I’ve adventured out of my comfort zone to new places and met new people that have changed my life. Since the moment I snuck you onto campus freshman year of college we have experienced multiple roadtrips and nights with more gas station food than a group of college sorority girls would ever admit to consuming. We screamed Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers out your sunroof, and gotten lost on random backroads because I always forget to turn on the GPS. We went the wrong way down a one-way and murdered a fish in the passenger seat (RIP Fish of 2017). But most horrifically, I apologize for backing you into another car earlier this year and giving you a couple large scratches and bruises.

            It is seriously too bad that you were a ticking time bomb that was only one more road trip away from the engine starting on fire. There is nothing like your first car, with it brings freedom, independence, and a sense of style that every teenage kid craves. Although I am sad to move onto bigger, more adult-like vehicles you were the perfect first car Callie the Caddie. I’ll try to be a better, more law-abiding driver in my next car. 

Love your tough-loving owner,

Maddie G


As I semi-joke about my love for my car in this current transition, I am reminded that the materialistic possessions we have down here on this earth will never fulfill us. I could drive the most beautiful luxury car on the roads and it would still pale in comparison to the beauty of heaven and God’s kingdom. I drove an incredible car on the outside with a top-notch, prestigious brand that had a solid car wash at least once a month so it constantly shined, it was my dream car. But as I drove it more and more it had problems with it’s brakes, problems with it’s air filter, and problems with BIG problems with the engine. A car could look like it had all together on the outside but on the inside it had problems bigger than I knew how to handle on my own. This is kinda like our faith.

We can look like we have it all together on the outside, wear nice clothes, drive nice cars, and store up in material possessions. Those things aren’t necessarily bad until we make them the idols of our lives and they distract us from the treasures stored up for us in heaven. But when all these things fail us, when our nice car is about to blow up in an engine fire and is slowly spiraling out of control on the inside this is when God reminds us that we are not to store up in the treasures of this earth. We came from dust and to dust we shall return. We will leave this earth with nothing and God will not ask us at the gates of heaven what kind of car we drove. God does however want to take us with all our scratches, bruises, & bumps and invite us into his kingdom no matter where we came from or how much or little we have. This hopeful truth reminds me of Matthew 6:19-21 (NIV):

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

My God is far greater than all of the material possessions I could ever possibly own and more. Lord transform me from the inside out and give me better luck and driving skills with a new car. Tune in for more new car driving stories later in the year, and pray for no car accidents. Can’t wait for the new wild ride ahead of me.


Maddie G

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