Boldness in the Mission

At the beginning of each year, I always pick a word to reflect on in the year to come. For 2019 the Lord put on my heart the word BOLD. The fruit of this simple word came to life almost automatically, when I left on January 3rd for a 10-day long mission trip with 12 other students from my college to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Jamaica.

Whilewe were in Jamaica our team was able to love on 30 kids of all different ages, playsoccer, make crafts, paint tiny fingernails, work on day projects, put on achurch service, and help the organization we were serving with in any way wecould throughout the day. When we are fully present and content to serve on themission Jesus has set before us, He often works through us as his vessels tocomplete his incredible work. I can genuinely say I experienced a greater senseof joy there than I had ever felt before in my life. A huge thing I learnedover those 10 days was that when we boldly live out the gospel in our dailylives, Jesus shows up in everything we do.

Onthe last day of our time in Jamaica, the organization’s director sat our teamdown for a farewell blessing, and said a phrase that I will never forget, “Theboldest thing you could ever do is say the name of Jesus”. She continued totell us that even though our time serving there was done, as we go home ourmission is now at school and with our families. Jesus spoke through that sweetmissionary to encourage our whole team to never stop serving and speaking hisname wherever we go. The name of Jesus is so incredibly powerful. When weintentionally bring Jesus into the conversation and are present in the momentto serve where are feet are that is our mission.

Icould go on forever about the what the Lord taught me and the ways he grew myheart on top of that beautiful Caribbean mountain (those will certainly appearin future posts). But, as I return to college for a fresh start with secondsemester today I am reminded that my mission is where my feet are, God hascalled me to Grove City to bring him into the conversation where he is oftentimes brushed aside. After a couple days of processing and reflecting back onall Jesus did in my heart on ICO Jamaica, I realized that being bold means radically& unconditionally loving the people that were purposely put in my life, livingunashamed for the gospel, fearlessly bringing Him into the conversation, andstriving everyday to be more like Christ.

Ourteam bible verse is Ephesians 4:1-3, which says,

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace”.

As I go forward into 2019, this verse is my new definition of what it looks like to be bold in my faith and be the woman God has called me to be. Be where your feet are. Your mission is right in front of you. Open your eyes and allow God to work in ways you never imagined he could. Be bold.

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