Live For the Finsta Not the Rinsta

I love laughing more than anything else in this world. The power of laughter can turn a horrible day into a great one, a stranger into a friend, or a serious moment into something much more fun. I can enjoy a quality wholesome comedian but laughter in it’s purest form is my favorite in those unexpected moments with family and friends. Those “candid” moments as one might say.

There is such an expectation today to portray our lives as flawlessly perfect as possible on social media. No one needs to know that you spilled coffee all the way down your shirt, got a flat tire, and haven’t showered in two days right before you posted that beautiful picture with a caption that took you thirty minutes to come up with. I’m so guilty of getting caught up in this culture as well but my friends, we have got to stop putting our worth in what other people think of us. When the bible talks about putting on such an image Galatians 1:10 says,

“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

Galatians 1: 10

            I think this can be such a hard lesson to learn. If our Instagram’s are decent that must mean our lives are somewhat together right? Tbh false. Lately, I have learned the art of the “finstagram”. It sounds super immature but let me encourage you that it is much more fun. For me this account is just a place to share those crazy candid pictures that are far from Instagram perfect with my closest friends. The kind of picture that has a triple-chin mid-laugh open mouth smile in my grandpa’s oversized sweatshirt in the middle of the night at a girls night in. Or those pictures from some of your happiest moments but you can’t post because your face is beat red from crying so much. Or if you’re anything like me just straight too awkward to show the world. All of the above included with a hysterical caption, story, or inside joke to make your friends scream with laughter.

 As women growing up in a society obsessed with social media we have so many more insecurities. From self-comparison to people pleasing to freaking out over if we have enough likes or not. What would happen if we cared a little less and laughed a little more. Life would be full of so much more joy if we just cherished our crazy, imperfect candid moments rather than waiting till golden hour to get the perfect shot.

My encouragement to you today whether you have a legitimate finstagram or not, is to find your “finsta fans”. Your people who don’t care if your life is perfect or not (because they know it’s not but still love you anyway). Your people to laugh at your dumb jokes and support you through every absurd story life brings. And your people who will love and laugh with you through all your crazy awkwardness. Real life is not always insta-perfect and there is great joy and humor to be found in that. Take life a little less seriously today my friends.


Maddie G

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