2020: The Year of Growth

I start off every year by picking a word to reflect on and pray over in the year to come. 2019 was “BOLD”, 2018 was “HOPE”, 2017 was “PERSEVERANCE”, and 2016 was “NEW”. These words have held a lot of meaning as the year goes on. Whenever I am struggling I pray over my word and the Lord’s will. Whenever life is good I pray over my word and praise God for his faithfulness. 2019 was a really good year. Practicing boldness in my everyday life brought me deeper in my relationship with the Lord, reconnected old friendships & formed new ones, pushed me outside my comfort zone, and push me to be bold in my decisions. My word of the year last year truly resonated with my heart, purpose, and plans for 2019. It was a big year, but 2020 is about to be even bigger.

I have decided to reflect upon the word “GROWTH” for 2020. It will be a year of transitions, newness, and fresh starts. I anticipate being challenged. I anticipate lots of change and adjusting to a new kind of normal post-grad. I anticipate growing up. Within the year of 2020 I will graduate college and the place that has made me the person I am today with people that have forever changed me. I will separate from all my best friends and have to create a new normal of FaceTime’s and bimonthly visits apart from the people I so greatly love and struggle being away from for extended periods of time. I will spent my summer in Europe loving on children I haven’t even met yet in the name of the Lord and pursuing the people pf a wildly post-Christianity culture. I will start graduate school and come one step closer to pursuing a career I’m passionate about that Lord has called me to. I will go against everything I have ever said and move home after graduation.

I will be challenged.

I will struggle.

I will be overjoyed.

I will feel accomplished.

I will grow.

Growth is what happens when we actually try to grow up and be the people we’ve always wanted to be. It’s what happens when we challenge ourselves (or other’s challenge us). It’s what happens when we put down the self-help books and pick up the bible. It’s what happens when we stop living by inspirational Instagram quotes and start living in the truth. Growth is messy, and it’s okay for us to live in the mess for a little bit because if we live this life right it’s not perfect. 

In 2020, I want to strive for growth in my relationship with the Lord. I want to strive for growth in who I am as a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student, peer. I want to strive for growth in loving the person God created me to be.

I started prayer journaling my freshman year of college. Jesus does a lot in four years. There is a lot of life that happens that needs to be brought up to the Lord. As I went through my old journals this past week, I was in awe of how much I have actually grown since I began my journey 3 ½ years ago. Life happens and Jesus is our only constant.

2020, I wholeheartedly expect you to be the best one yet and I cannot wait to see all the exciting memories you bring. It’s graduation year!! I know that in it’s inevitable challenges that I serve a Lord whose ways are much higher than my ways and plans are much greater than my plans. We grow in our relationship in the Lord through challenges, new experiences, and complete reliance on him. I have a lot of hope for all that is in store. 2020, I’m ready for ya.

A new decade, a fresh start. Twenty-Twenty the year of growth.


Maddie G

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