Learn About “Holy Hot Mess”

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be centered on the two most important things to me: 1) Jesus and 2) Authenticity. It’s almost been a year since I started this insanely life-giving creative outlet of mine with the title “Joy in the Journey”. If we’re being completely honest, I chose that name because I was inspired by a notebook with that phrase on it that my mom gave me after one of the most challenging years of my life. I was struggling to find joy anywhere in my life and I found JOY in Christ after I began combining the thing I loved most with what I believe he had been calling me to do for years… speak truth to young women going through the same life stage as me. I thought the name was really clever until I began to see it on everything… not authentically unique at all Madds. Whoops.

The last paragraph of my old title page description said, “ This website is meant to be different. As a writer, I felt called to pursue truth in pieces that are real, honest, vulnerable, and life-giving. Life throws really tough stuff at us sometimes, I challenge you to look for the joy in those situations. If you are a young woman seeking to find joy in your journey, I invite you to join me in my next adventure of finding joy in the extraordinary of living this life with a greater purpose”. All of these things are still so true but with my new name change I’m going to invite you to something a little more real, authentic, and close to my heart… join me on my journey into my hot mess of a life.

After many months of praying over a name for this blog I discovered there is nothing more authentic about myself than owning up to the fact that sometimes life can just be a “hot mess”. Plus, my friends and family all know I use this phrase on a daily basis. There is such power in being content in the truth that Jesus accepts us with all of our mess and still calls us to run to him.

Life will never be perfect, if you’re anything like me there is a little bit of mess in every day. Whether it’s tripping on the sidewalk on the way to class in front of a cute boy, being 45 minutes late to breakfast with your friends because you slept in too late, or spilling coffee all the way down your new outfit, life can be messy. Over the past few years, I’ve learned to find the joy and Jesus in the midst of my mess. From the hardest trials I’ve endured to an awkward mishap, Jesus is constant through it all.

In this next season of my blogging adventure I encourage you to come with your mess and find peace in the fact that even though things aren’t ideally going the way you’d like in life Jesus calls YOU “holy”. I am so excited to see all God has in store as we continue this adventure together. You’re a mess, I’m a mess, let’s show this world the joy that comes with being a holy hot mess.